Under Investigation By A Government Agency?

The state of Illinois operates numerous governmental agencies set up to oversee just about every aspect of our lives. Whether you are an employer or are self-employed, there is a government unit reviewing your books and investigating your operation for fraud. If you have been contacted by an agency, it is important to respond quickly, but not before you talk to an experienced governmental investigations attorney for advice and representation.

If you have a professional license in Illinois or are an employer or business owner, you may be contacted, investigated, charged in an administrative proceeding or sued in court by any of these agencies:

Experienced Lawyer Handling Governmental Disciplinary Actions

Over my career spanning more than 40 years, I have handled hundreds of white collar crimes investigations and cases initiated by government licensing agencies at the state and federal levels. My experience includes taking many through the:

  • Administrative Procedure
  • Circuit Court
  • Illinois Appellate Court
  • United States District Court

If you are contacted by any one of these agencies, I can advise and represent you in all stages of any investigation or charge. If you are contacted, it is important to meet and discuss the matter as soon as possible.

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