Protecting The Rights Of Whistleblowers

If your employer breaks the law or puts the public at risk, what protections do you have if you speak up?

The good news is that state and federal laws provide significant protections. But the laws are complicated and asserting your rights is best done with help from skilled counsel.

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What Happened At Work And How Should You Respond?

As an employee, it can be difficult to know that the organization you work for is committing fraud or violating the law in other ways.

You may be seeking an ethical response, but feeling anxious about what your employer might do if you disclose unwelcome information. Even if your employer has an anonymous hotline for reporting misconduct, you may be unsure how to proceed.

Take Advantage Of Whistleblower Protections

Keep in mind that there are important legal protections for whistleblowers, both in private industry and for public employers. For example, under federal law, there are 22 statutes that protect employees who file health and safety complaints with federal agencies.

Illinois also has its own whistleblower law, protecting public employees who make certain disclosures of legal violations or threats to public safety.

If you have already been fired, I can explain your options for bringing a legal challenge for wrongful termination. If you are still working for the employer about whom you have concerns, I will guide you in making an informed judgment about how to proceed.

Could You Get A Monetary Award?

If the financial wrongdoing you witnessed involved false claims against the government, you may be able to bring a type of lawsuit called a qui tam action. This can enable you to gain a monetary award for the wrongdoing you expose.

Financial incentives are also available to whistleblowers who inform the IRS about employers who have substantial tax debt and may have committed tax fraud.

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