Administrative Employment And Labor Law Attorney

All too often, an employer or a labor organization will receive a complaint and questionnaire from the National Labor Relations Board, the Illinois Department of Labor or the United States Department of Labor and open communications with the agency without understanding the charge or its potential consequences. Failure to timely and accurately respond can result in a long, drawn-out investigation or claim and lengthy and costly litigation.

Conversely, union members who are not aware of how to file a grievance using the appropriate methods for complaint or exercise their rights as a union member may be forsaking significant damage compensation.

In both of these scenarios, seeking the guidance of an experienced attorney is always the best decision.

Chicago And Illinois Labor Relations And Benefit Practice

A general practice attorney is simply not equipped to deal with the complexity of employment and labor law. For more than 30 years, I have been working in labor law, serving as counsel in collective bargaining and litigating before government agencies and in the courts in labor relations cases. I've represented unions, employees, management and employers before the National Labor Relations Board and the Illinois Department of Labor.

With my experience, I am ready to work on cases involving arbitration, administrative hearings or litigation. I have significant experience bargaining and drafting union contracts.

I have defended civil suits against companies claiming millions in damages and had them dismissed or settled for less than the cost of defense, without the need for formal discovery. I have recovered millions of dollars in suits on behalf of unions and benefit funds. I also help protect whistleblowers against retaliation.

With this experience, I bring a comprehensive knowledge of labor law to the table in every case on which I work.

I also have the expertise to represent Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) plaintiffs and defendants in cases related to private industry, pensions and benefits.

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