Federal Embezzlement Defense Lawyer

Embezzlement is defined as any misuse of public or corporate funds for personal use. Under federal law, embezzlement is commonly charged when a federal employee diverts public funds for personal use or an employee in the private sector diverts money from a federal contract.

Embezzlement and money laundering are among the most complex federal white collar offenses because of the nature of accounting systems in use at federal agencies and large corporate contractors. In many cases, the FBI and local law enforcement agencies investigate suspected illegal activities for many months or even years before seeking a grand jury indictment or filing criminal charges.

Are You Under Investigation In Illinois?

As a federal white collar crime and embezzlement defense attorney, I have successfully represented clients in complex financial cases involving embezzlement and fraud charges filed under RICO laws. I have seen the way federal prosecutors prepare their cases, and I have a successful record of preparing a successful defense, either through acquittal or negotiating a plea agreement on significantly reduced charges.

A Lawyer With More Than 40 Years Of Successful Criminal Defense Outcomes

If you live and work in the Greater Chicago metropolitan area and have been notified that you are the target of a federal investigation for embezzlement or have already been arrested and charged, call my office right away. I will meet with you as soon as possible to review the government's evidence against you and begin preparing the strongest case possible to secure the best possible outcome.