Experienced Representation In Complex Areas

Illinois employment and labor law, complex civil corporate/business litigation and white collar crimes are extremely specialized areas of law and require a deep understanding of the law and special competencies to arrive at the best possible outcome for clients. There is no substitute for experience in these areas of law and a constant effort to stay current on changes in the law.

Because I understand the gravity and knowledge necessary to navigate the waters of the federal court system, I have dedicated my entire practice to these specific areas. Now, with more than 40 years of experience, from million-dollar lawsuits to death penalty cases, I have successfully practiced and continue to do so.

I am ready to bring my experience to work one-on-one with all my clients to help them arrive at the best resolution in these areas of law:

  • Licensing agencies and government investigations : I regularly advise and represent clients in all areas of Illinois state regulatory law regarding professional licensing, with a special focus on representing licensed attorneys in registration matters and disciplinary actions taken by the Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission
  • State and federal l abor and employment law — I am an experienced labor law attorney with experience representing employees, unions and the management in matters before the National Labor Relations Board, the Illinois Department of Labor and the Illinois Department of Employment Security. I have participated in hundreds of administrative hearings and appeals regarding workplace issues with these agencies. I obtained an administrative decision from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and settled a $1 million dollar case on appeal to the 7 th Circuit for a group of union employees who recovered one million dollars in wages and pension contributions. I have also successfully represented clients in hundreds of grievance and arbitration matters.

I have represented Taft-Hartley pension funds as well as union and management trustees in audits by the United States Department of Labor as well as lawsuits by the Solicitor General. I have successfully prosecuted and defended numerous ERISA benefit cases in the federal court of appeals.

  • Civil conspiracy and fraud litigation — I have had substantial success in defending suits filed under the RICO act as well as civil conspiracy and fraud. Initial settlement demands in these cases have been for millions of dollars, however, after aggressive motion practice, many have been settled for only a fraction of the original demands. I have also tried and won verdicts for plaintiffs in state and federal courts and have successfully defended those verdicts on appeal.
  • Federal criminal defense — As a Chicago criminal defense attorney, I now limit my practice to federal court. I have had success in criminal RICO cases, and with white collar criminal cases involving insurance and mortgage fraud. This has included both favorable verdicts and successful plea dispositions.

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